Sunday, June 22, 2014


Spin them, twist them
don't get caught

All for naught

Save us; those in the path
of keeping your lies intact

The God you don't believe in
will surely give you a pass

To the Hell
you already own

Its mortgage
in the mirror

on fire

Lisa Voges

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My mind-

a barren

of words

that enrich
its soil

A desolation
so desperate


Friday, May 4, 2012

Twaddling ee

Sincerely, I am free
I care not for this spelling bee
I simply want to speak in ee

I proffer you read patiently
whatever hath come over me
a verse delivered on a spree
and rhymes with my beloved sea

exactly where I'd rather be

In this port of homily
I justify sobriety
from jotting alcoholically
and sticking with reality

These words insult my vanity
not writing thoughts prolifically
but boredom zapped my energy
whilst wading through my draft's debris

I think now I'll submit a plea
to search for; expeditiously
my muse, that is an absentee
and left me here to twaddle ee

mind you-- ostentatiously.

Lisa V.
17 years free~

Monday, March 5, 2012


Cotton sheers sweep window's sill

basking in billowy waves

March is blowing kisses today

not knowing the soul she saves

Winter's blanket weeps farewell

to tear-drenched fertile earth

Birds now chirping from quieted tunes

awaiting the splendor's birth

Soon the sun will fill the days

as colored blooms explode

Whilst songs of season's symphony

encompass heart's abode

Monday, February 13, 2012


We strolled beyond
quixotic moon
lover’s cliché
and gifts to swoon

Love’s perfect heart
was not in foil

Its labored life;
collision’s turmoil

I remember Love’s face
in sterile light

amongst machines
and angel's invite

Not ever again
could one day be so fine
as an any-day memory

of my Valentine

Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter's Ballet

I dare embrace this winter bane
Its naked scape; incites disdain
Compelling smiles for trees that wane

Remembering, they'll be lush again

But twisted boughs create a stance
Aplomb; in wait, for snowflake’s chance
To 'Pas de deux' their blustery dance

Then pirouette- to spring’s romance


Friday, October 7, 2011

Precious Child

How perfect the unconditional love
that radiates so true from your beautiful smile.
Love so immaculate; still untouched,
from the conditional love that will be taught to you.

Hatred's tutor- from the private school
of emulation, and hearsay.
I wish for you immunity
from that hideous disease.

So many have been removed
from your life, little one.
So many will not get to share
the joy of your existence in this world.

I wish for you to know love, that is sent from afar;
flowing from the tears I shed for you.
I wish for you, that you feel my love racing through your veins,
as my blood is there- infused with yours.

I wish for you, that you never learn cruelty
from the unthinkable that inflict it.
I wish for you, that you never have
a spiteful bone in your body.

I wish for you; nothing but happiness.
Because I love you with all my heart and soul..

Precious Child

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sound of You

When my day
is done
and I've longed
for the sound
of your

I find you
and see

Your eyes


I hear

Monday, September 12, 2011


Wings unfurl to fresh air's glide
Cool breeze amends a scorching stride
Free spirits gush exuberant pride
At last; the fall's splendiferous ride

Soaring past those sweltering days
I bid adieu to summer's haze
Hypnotic flights on ocean's gaze
Upon its wind; my heart ablaze

September's spray revives sun's face
Its salty mist; soul's sweet embrace
I savor gusts of autumn's chase

Whilst land proposes painted grace

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dignity and grace
abate my tiny face
held hostage by despair

and world's welfare

Darkness looms the day
can't go out and play
filth and hunger rule

and there is no school

Sterile dreams abound
poverty all around
tiny fingers grope

and love is only hope

Wishing on a star
heal this weeping scar
concrete's on my plate

my rescue, I await

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dewdrop kisses
Morning bells

Showering passions
Glistening spells

Trickling beauties
Towering sprays

Dancing droplets

Glorious days

Friday, July 15, 2011

In My Dreams

When I travel
through life

in my dreams

At times, my steps
are very long
and heavy

But often,
I am
running fast;

never looking back

When I think
of you

in my dreams

I am not
or running

I am


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Depths of Simplicity

In the realm
of my vast


I find
a simple
to curse

labored pains

to infinity

I embrace

of simplicity

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall's Symphony

The passionate rush
of a vigorous breeze

Inspires the orchestra's
windswept trees

Nature's maestro
conducts a fine piece

Admired from

mezzanine seats

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What grace is gained from angry debt?
Thinking you're owed for past regret
Get over yourself; you're not alone
It's time to quiet that pity-pot moan

Some of us triumphed over pain's past
Whilst others need blood to make misery last
Bleeding remorse; no longer my due--
I finally get stitches, in honor of you

Friday, October 8, 2010


Your love is
the invigorating
of a salty spray

I stand as stoic rocks
and succumb
to its rushing

A relentless shower;
pounding away
the rough edges

of my heart

Friday, October 1, 2010

Walking on Eggs

In a world of catch phrases, cliche, or just plain-old infinite wisdom of the generations that precede us; I find myself living (and slowly dying) in that infamous adage-- 'walking on eggs'.

Who the heck made up that one anyway?
You cannot walk on eggs...not even the hard-boiled ones. You'd roll right off them suckers and break your neck.

Yet this is where I've found my feet-- as of late.
I walked on those eggs until the shells slashed them wide open.. gushing enough emotional blood to render me incapable of walking altogether.

So here I sit; feet off the floor, in my guilt-padded / shell-armored, wheelchair.
I'm going to try to roll over these deceptively-fragile eggs more bloody feet for me.

Ahhh, but I forget about those flowing salty tears, that rust up the bearings on my wheels.

Now I am stuck; frozen in a chair with a plethora of razor-like remains under my rusted shell-crusher.
I dare not get up; the wounds have not healed and I will bleed once more.
Maybe this is my fate. I could not have asked for a more pitiful demise.

Dying at the hands of what a chicken popped out of its ass.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Fine Day

makes me
how different


I wish today
could last


so I would
not have to
wait until



this fine day

Monday, September 13, 2010

Look Not

Look not; for me to shed any more tears
Nary one left, from those waterfall years
Instead I evoke past's love in my heart
Treasured emotions that did not depart

Lucky am I to have loved one so deep
Fortunate still, that you visit my sleep
Dreams that allow me to keep you engraved
Ever so grateful your love has been saved

Friday, September 10, 2010

Quiet Wealth

The vast sea enfolds me
cocooning wealth of mind
Encased in salty treasures
alone's fortune; do I find

My solitude of lexis
bespeaks abundant word

Prosperity at it's finest
riches much preferred

I steal from it's abundance
a bounty paid in verse
A priceless compensation
quenching quiet thirst

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The twilight glistens hallowed walls
Whilst echoes whisper barren halls
I beckon cries through lonely wrath
Unanswered; on this shackled path

A self-imposed imprisoned rage
Secured inside life's darkened cage
I yearn to bask that light beyond
And free my soul; this tortured bond

Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking Care of Family

Stocks, bonds,
and CD's

for my family

A love that grows
with dividends
praying that it never ends

Security and peace
of mind

should I die
from this old grind

I'll leave them
with a brand new start

Love's monetary

piece of heart

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inside Lane

Lines of wisdom follow
furrowed brow trails
to crossroads of pain

and intersections of loss

Squinting-squishy eyes
of babies crow feet laughter

Routing whincing pains of joy
to gratefulness etched

Streets of glowing creases
behind pretentious fast smiles
for lights dimming outside

Forging crinkled paths
back to inside's road

traveled not long ago

Highway twenty five

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ghastly gray: this winter's death
awash in reaper's sweat
Dreary days of thundered rage
defiant of its debt

Gusts of wrath through final hours
wake penance for regret
Tears atone its stormy life
to April's silhouette

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wide Awake

Memories of past's future
exposing foretold pains
Revisited in a theatre
of drama penned for gains

The peace within is strived for
a promise not fullfilled
From misery vaulted forward
enduring and instilled

Scripting; prods pain's monster
just waiting to be revived
Its miserable existence
again, to be survived

Tears embedded deeply
erupt from writing's quake
Pain's slumber finally over
now screaming wide-awake

Friday, January 15, 2010


Winter's leash; anchors home
Open water stands alone
Missing me, not knowing why
Lashing back its salty cry

Frost-encrusted docks weep ice
Arctic tears for season's price
Vessels wrapped; no longer free
Dry-dock chains that tether me

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I shed the night
of the longest day
as strands
of darkness

in clumps
of matted remorse

Monday, December 21, 2009

Homeless War

Crackling fire's tented home
roaring out to homeless moan
Aromas filling cold wind's air
warmth's desire fuels despair

Woolen blankets; treasured gold
as war declares its weapon's hold
Canvas walls for luxury's suite
fabric armor chills defeat

Soup pots steam down kitchen's row
sobering brew for street life's blow
Luggage parked in groups of heart
life's full worth rolls grocery's cart

I pray for souls in winter's keep
survival's triumph of shivered sleep
A battle waged on weather's shear
Its medals earned in frozen fear

If only summer could last all year

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Lacing up these boots on wheels
Remembrance of how good it feels
To glide the floor with rhythm's beat
A dance on skates, is oh so sweet

A skill once challenged in the day
First a novelty just for play
Mastered rolling music's tune
Won some contests, month of June

Fifty now, and feeling fine
Thought to wheel it one more time
Forgot about that hardwood floor
My oh my, is this pride sore


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parting Kiss

I miss wind's whispered summer rush
The sea's romance and dewy blush
A fluttered breeze; once fair and warm
The sailing wind where love was born

I shiver the sea this one last time
Destiny's water; November's design
Cold's biting tundra for my skin;
Sea's parting kiss.. until next Spring

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sea Dance

I'm feeling your abandon
Oh please romance with me
You brazen lover breeze
let's dance upon the sea

I've put on my best dress
in flowing Mylar white
I'll lure you to my body
as we dance into the night

We'll do a timely Waltz
not rushing this affair
Then break a fevered Tango
'til the knots are in my hair

Throughout a spicy Salsa
I'll be counting all the steps
As longitude of rhythms
meet our latitude of depths

While anchored cool embraces
blow through foggy night
I'll dream for windy passions
and our dance at morning's light

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Burden of Genius

In contemplative thought; dares he
Embrace seclusions self-imposed
As darkness plunders through the mind
In sacred deprivation loathed

His starving whole disgraced by parts
And mind compelling fiery scourge
Gruels the labor's gorging impulse
Enticing tortured brilliant purge

As decomposing life absorbs
The twisted turmoil deep inside
An intuition's masterpiece
Inhibits tribulation's pride

With blatant disregard of wrath
The mind wreaks havoc to create
Exquisite beauty etched in blade
Admired for its genius fate

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Colors of Loss

An Umbered trunk; my leaning post
with umbrellas of Viridian shade
I contemplate my thoughts of him
under the colors He made

Cerulean views of water
soothing my Crimson dreams
my passions painted Impasto
on a canvas of Scarlet themes

Gazing Cobalt cotton pillows
resting my Prussian Blue mind
as scents of Vermilion flowers
guide me through fiery blind

Whispers of Oxide prisms
breathing a Crystalline gloss
tears for a face Alabaster
crying the brushstroke of loss

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A philharmonic noise
resides inside my head
I cannot get to sleep
because its strings are in my bed

A sedative of rhythm
not my lullaby
instead a rude awakening
of a grace I can't deny

I will not win this battle
I'm thinking I'll give in
I venture to the attic
to save my violin

I find its leather coffin
dusty from the years
inside a cancelled concert
bringing me to tears

I free it from its stifle
craving wood's embrace
as epiphanies of music
whisper to my face

A bowed rejuvenation
of concerto we once played
effortless reminding of
the notes that never fade

I play a reminiscent
of the beauty in my head
as both of us are weeping
for the passion we have bled

In final resignation
of the dreams I put away
I place my sleepless nights
upon the mantle for display


I tremble
the thought
of your heart
in my head

I shudder
while waiting
to see you

I stumble
my words
when speaking
my heart

I stagger
the pain
of being

I waver
with ardor
the feelings
you spin

I quiver
your touch
that flutters
my skin

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I cannot write like I have time,
and there's so much I have to say..
'cause tomorrow is not promised,
so I will write it all today!

I don't know how to do it,
with all these adjectives in my brain..
I am courting my thesaurus,
whilst my dictionary goes insane!

I've been writing all this twaddle,
'tween breaks of recollection..
my common sense just told me,
"you'll never reach perfection!"

So slowly I approach my words,
with the wisdom of my peers..
crossing all of my fingers and toes,
that I have a few more years!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Drifting on my bed of poor
floating far away from shore
I check my motor in the air
a gentle breeze is all I care

It's sheets not made for me to sleep
devoted to the wind they keep
unfurling them to billow fast
I trim them to my clanking mast

A starboard gust attacks my sheet
knocking me right off my feet
I steady her to come about
quickly winching toward my route

I'm tacking hard and keeping course
taking on these winds of force
I blow right through a shipping lane
as slamming wakes destroy the main

It topples over for a crash
and in the water with a splash
I capsize quickly to the sea
saving what is left of me

Drifting on my bed of poor
now perched atop a cabin door
while gentle winds blow through my hair
searching for another fare.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shallowed gloom

Through the dark
of twisted night
I venture out
of blissful light

I make my way
to tombs of want
never again those
will I haunt

I join my peers
of things not done
resting hopes
to settle some

As blissful light
calls me back
I look to be
amongst the pack

For In this night
I seek my need
to steal no more
this hunter's greed

A sleepless dream
that I endure
of barren wishes
I deplore

I make my peace
in shallowed gloom
and join my wants
inside the tomb