Friday, October 7, 2011

Precious Child

How perfect the unconditional love
that radiates so true from your beautiful smile.
Love so immaculate; still untouched,
from the conditional love that will be taught to you.

Hatred's tutor- from the private school
of emulation, and hearsay.
I wish for you immunity
from that hideous disease.

So many have been removed
from your life, little one.
So many will not get to share
the joy of your existence in this world.

I wish for you to know love, that is sent from afar;
flowing from the tears I shed for you.
I wish for you, that you feel my love racing through your veins,
as my blood is there- infused with yours.

I wish for you, that you never learn cruelty
from the unthinkable that inflict it.
I wish for you, that you never have
a spiteful bone in your body.

I wish for you; nothing but happiness.
Because I love you with all my heart and soul..

Precious Child

1 comment:

  1. It is wonderful poem,so touching,so tender,full of love and warmth a mother holds for her child.