Monday, December 21, 2009

Homeless War

Crackling fire's tented home
roaring out to homeless moan
Aromas filling cold wind's air
warmth's desire fuels despair

Woolen blankets; treasured gold
as war declares its weapon's hold
Canvas walls for luxury's suite
fabric armor chills defeat

Soup pots steam down kitchen's row
sobering brew for street life's blow
Luggage parked in groups of heart
life's full worth rolls grocery's cart

I pray for souls in winter's keep
survival's triumph of shivered sleep
A battle waged on weather's shear
Its medals earned in frozen fear

If only summer could last all year

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Lacing up these boots on wheels
Remembrance of how good it feels
To glide the floor with rhythm's beat
A dance on skates, is oh so sweet

A skill once challenged in the day
First a novelty just for play
Mastered rolling music's tune
Won some contests, month of June

Fifty now, and feeling fine
Thought to wheel it one more time
Forgot about that hardwood floor
My oh my, is this pride sore


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parting Kiss

I miss wind's whispered summer rush
The sea's romance and dewy blush
A fluttered breeze; once fair and warm
The sailing wind where love was born

I shiver the sea this one last time
Destiny's water; November's design
Cold's biting tundra for my skin;
Sea's parting kiss.. until next Spring