Friday, September 10, 2010

Quiet Wealth

The vast sea enfolds me
cocooning wealth of mind
Encased in salty treasures
alone's fortune; do I find

My solitude of lexis
bespeaks abundant word

Prosperity at it's finest
riches much preferred

I steal from it's abundance
a bounty paid in verse
A priceless compensation
quenching quiet thirst


  1. I love the pics you pair with your poems, izzey! They add so much ambiance. Do you take them yourself or cruise the web for them?

    Anyway, I've got a couple of awards for you at my blog, if you want to participate.


  2. Wow! You know what? I wanted this one to be acknowledged because it was a gift. If you click on it, you get to see how beautiful it really is. If you click on it again...its detail is gorgeous. I find the photos 'around town' lol I take a lot of photographs myself, and have a huge collection, but most of these are not mine.
    I always find the photo after I write the poem, but have 'a visual' in my mind as I am writing it. There are two poems (I have not posted here yet)that I wrote the poem for the photo...very rare occurrence. :) Cort, thank you for always stopping by here to leave a nice are my number one blogger fan. :)
    I will come there tonight to check out these awards. :) Thank you so much.