Sunday, August 30, 2009

Colors of Loss

An Umbered trunk; my leaning post
with umbrellas of Viridian shade
I contemplate my thoughts of him
under the colors He made

Cerulean views of water
soothing my Crimson dreams
my passions painted Impasto
on a canvas of Scarlet themes

Gazing Cobalt cotton pillows
resting my Prussian Blue mind
as scents of Vermilion flowers
guide me through fiery blind

Whispers of Oxide prisms
breathing a Crystalline gloss
tears for a face Alabaster
crying the brushstroke of loss

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A philharmonic noise
resides inside my head
I cannot get to sleep
because its strings are in my bed

A sedative of rhythm
not my lullaby
instead a rude awakening
of a grace I can't deny

I will not win this battle
I'm thinking I'll give in
I venture to the attic
to save my violin

I find its leather coffin
dusty from the years
inside a cancelled concert
bringing me to tears

I free it from its stifle
craving wood's embrace
as epiphanies of music
whisper to my face

A bowed rejuvenation
of concerto we once played
effortless reminding of
the notes that never fade

I play a reminiscent
of the beauty in my head
as both of us are weeping
for the passion we have bled

In final resignation
of the dreams I put away
I place my sleepless nights
upon the mantle for display


I tremble
the thought
of your heart
in my head

I shudder
while waiting
to see you

I stumble
my words
when speaking
my heart

I stagger
the pain
of being

I waver
with ardor
the feelings
you spin

I quiver
your touch
that flutters
my skin

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I cannot write like I have time,
and there's so much I have to say..
'cause tomorrow is not promised,
so I will write it all today!

I don't know how to do it,
with all these adjectives in my brain..
I am courting my thesaurus,
whilst my dictionary goes insane!

I've been writing all this twaddle,
'tween breaks of recollection..
my common sense just told me,
"you'll never reach perfection!"

So slowly I approach my words,
with the wisdom of my peers..
crossing all of my fingers and toes,
that I have a few more years!